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20 July 2016, 11:06 AM

A while ago, we described how well Celieplant is doing as far as safety is concerned. After the post about Safety, it is now time for Health. Celieplant continues where others stop. It already started with the construction of the building. During the design process, it had been decided to place many windows in the building. This has been done to ensure the employees of a large amount of daylight; Daylight improves productivity. Furthermore, toilets are available in great numbers and are cleaned several times a day. This also applies to the offices, but on a daily basis. What’s more, smoking is strictly prohibited in the building! A seperate smoking area can be found in front of the building. Seeing as many of our employees travel to work by bike, a large bicycle rack can be found outside as well. Of course, travelling by bike is stimulated within Celieplant.

At Celieplant, there is absolutely no shortage of health provisions. Celieplant knows what she is doing!

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