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Celieplant safety

18 May 2016, 09:06 AM

Previously, we have announced our SHEQ, where we write about our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality on a monthly basis. This brings us to the first subject: Safety! Celieplant always puts safety first:

– Plant samples or flower samples will no longer be left behind in our offices. A seperate area has been created for this specifically. All samples will be tested here;
– Many of our employees have followed first aid courses;
– Every year, twelve of our employees working in several departments are ensured of a BHV-course;
– Six of our employees take part in a yearly brush-up course in CPR;
– A defibrillator is present in a regular spot in our building at all times.

Furthermore, lines will be placed on the floor throughout the whole factory in the near future. This will be done to ensure employees, as well as visitors, of finding their way through the building in a safe manner.

Altogether, as far as safety is concerned, Celieplant is in a solid position and is becoming even stronger.

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